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Quinceañera Guests – How To Choose Who To Invite

Quinceañera Guests – How To Choose Who To Invite

When choosing your quinceañera guests, you can find yourself in a dilemma. Many girls want to invite the most people possible, everyone from family and school, and let them bring as many “plus one” as wanted. But every guest means an amount of expenses, so you must choose a limit of guests. How to make a powerful guest list being polite to your guests and having your beloved ones on it? Check those tips out.

1. Know your budget
You need to have an idea of how much each guest means in your budget and how much you can spend. This is a moment to talk to your parents and to be 100% sure of your limits before doing your list.

2. Know the physical limit of the place you are throwing the party
No matter if you are renting a place or doing it at home, your party place will present a physical limit. Learn how many people can comfortably be in your reception.

Quinceañera guest list
3. List everyone possible
Start listing everyone possible. Suppose who might invite a plus one, who will be in town and try to think of every person that is a possibility to be in your party. This is important to know everyone who might be interested and every reason for inviting or not. This way, you won’t invite by impulse someone outside your final list.

4. Make a VIP list
Have a “safe list” of the most important guests. Those are the people you’ll never delete from your guest list, like your core family and closest friends. This will be the beginning of your complete list. They’re your VIPs and there is no way you are not inviting them.

5. Continue to your real list
After having your VIP list, complete it with those people who you would like to have in your party according to the number of guests you can invite. Don’t feel bad if you have to cut many people from the first list you did.

You can keep your list in the app and add them according to their importance to you. If it is too hard for you to cut, here are some criteria you might use:

  • Cut people who live too far and are unlikely to come.
  • Be strict about adding a “plus one” when this person is not important to your guest. Filter the plus one relevance.
  • Consider when was the last time you talked to the person. Haven’t talked to him/her in the last 12 months? CUT. Unless it is a family member who will make a TV drama when not invited or when it is a friend who really has something to add to your day, it makes no sense to invite.

After cutting the people who you’ll not invite from the list, you’ll have the final desired list. Always keep it a few numbers below your budget limit so that you can have space for plus ones.

6. Control who is in and who is out
You can control directly from the app who’s invited, who’s confirmed or who’s cancelled their presence in your party. This way you won’t find yourself denying someone an invitation when there’s the place from someone who cancelled.

7. Review your list several times
When drafting your list, review it often so that you are sure there’s no one you can cut and in your final list, make sure you are in track of who confirmed and who cancelled.

Don’t feel guilty if you can’t invite everyone you know. Following those tips will make you have the most important people there and enjoy your party the most.