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Surviving Unexpected Events at your Quinceañera

Surviving Unexpected Events at your Quinceañera

The big day has finally come. You have your dress, your make-up, and the party decoration are ready. But then anxiety comes… What if something goes wrong? Well, not everything goes always as planned. But if you want to be ready for those situations and still have a perfect party, take notes of this incredible tip!

In order to keep everything perfect, you can have an emergency kit. This will be a bag with everything you need to fix small problems. Check this out:

1. Anxiety and Health Emergencies
First of all, prevention is the best medicine. Have your vitamin levels up before the party, try to eat and sleep well, stretch before the dances and try not to panic.

This is a very important day for you. You might get anxious and have a few symptoms like sore muscles or a headache. Furthermore, when many people are gathered, it is likely to have some health emergencies. You can be prepared for that by having those items in your emergency bag:

a. Pain reliever
b. Band-aids
c. Pads
d. A bit of cotton
e. Aspirin

2. Keeping yourself clean
Quinceanera Emergency Kit In your Quinceañera you will dance, party, and have a lot of fun with your friends. Which also means sweating! It is a must to have a deodorant in your bag. You can also have toothbrush and paste to make sure you breath is ok. You can have some parfum on your bag, but that is not a must.

Your nail might also break or lose part of the polisher. If you have the same color, have it on your emergency kit. You will also want to have a remover just in case.

3. Keeping your make-up perfect
Make-up is naturally absorbed by our skin. So, it is important to have some items to keep at least your blush and lipstick in order. So, after the make-up is ready, have the most important items in your emergency bag. Also, if you are wearing false eyelashes, you should have some extra pieces and glue in case you need to fix them. Having tissues is also very important in case your make-up smudges. You can also have a hairbrush and hairspray if you want to keep your hair in place. Bobby pins are a must. So, to make it short, you should have:

a. Extra make-up
b. False eyelashes and glue
c. Tissues
d. Bobby pins, hairbrush, and hairspray

What if my dress…
What if something happens to your dress? Something is spilled on it or part of it tears apart? You should be ready for that too. That is very common in parties and might happen with you or one of your friends. Keep a sewing kit on your emergency kit for situations like that. Also, here are some tips for when you have emergencies with your clothes:

a. Too much cleavage
You or your friend chose the best dress with a nice cleavage. But, during the party, the fabric gets looser and you feel exposed. Many fabric types might change after a few hours, so you can have a double-sided tape in your kit for those who get unlucky with their cleavages.

b. Make-up stain
Even if you don’t wear your dress while making up, you might get some stain of it in your dress. Have some make-up remover in your kit for those cases. A little bit of it in a piece of cotton will be enough for cleaning. You might also try detergent but have a look on the internet to be sure your dress’ fabric can be washed with that. Use some tissue to make it dry faster.
Quinceanera Emergency Kit c. Blood stain
Small cuts from a piece of paper or something like that might stain your dress during the party. Do not try to soak it in hot water: it will make the stain permanent. Try to clan it the best possible with cold water. You can use some wet cotton to clean it and avoid a permanent stain. Big stains will be lessened, and, after the party, you can clean it with hydrogen peroxide.

4. Make do
Though the most important items are already listed, you will also want the following extra items to be prepared during you quinceanẽra:

Have an extra pair of hose. It is true that you can fix that with nail polisher, but if it tears apart during the party, you won’t have time to let it dry.

You’ll also want to have a comfy pair of shoes in your bag. After dancing and standing up the whole time, taking off your heels will be the best part of the party.

Super glue can be a great ally! Have some in your emergency bag. It can help in many things: a shoe, a decoration item or even fake nails that are falling.

Wet wipes can also make do when you want to clean something, be it in your skin, your dress or in the decoration of your party.

Having straws whether as part of your party or in your emergency bag is a great way of avoiding lipstick stains in your face. You should consider it, specially if you are wearing a dark-colored or red lipstick.

5. Have fun!
The most important thing in a party is to have fun. In your quinceanẽra, it should not be different. It sure is very important to prepare your emergency pack the day before the party. But do not forget it is your day. Don’t try to control every little thing. When you have planned everything and following those tips to have an efficient supply bag during the party, you’ll avoid most common problems. Try to let people solve those problems by themselves and enjoy the party. You did a great job and deserve it!