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Shoes For Your Quinceañera

Shoes For Your Quinceañera

For some reason, shoes play an important role in a woman’s life. She always wants the right shoes, and for your quinceañera it should not be different. But how to choose the best shoes for such an important day? Are high heels a must? Well, that’s for you to say. Check those tips out:

1. Shoes for the mass

In a traditional quinceañera, the first part of this day is a Mass. The girl renews her vows of faith before God. For this occasion, you can whether wear heels or flat shoes. If being comfortable is more important to you, wearing flats is the best option for you. You can look for comfy shoes that match your party theme in the shopping section of our app. You can be both comfortable and beautiful even without the heels.

But if you want to show off beautiful heels in your photoshoot, you can wear the heels during the Mass too. There are beautiful models, some more comfortable than others. For this moment, you will not dance nor walk a lot, so it’s fine to focus a bit more on appearance.

2. Changing of shoes

That is a very special moment that most girls choose to have in their quinceañeras. If you choose to do that in your reception, you’ll have to start the party wearing flats. If you went to the church wearing heels, switch for a pair of flats so that you can have your father changing your shoes for heels. This is a sweet ritual where your father is letting you grow. You’ll need to choose the heels too. Think of the dance and the long time you’ll stand up wearing this. Practice a few weeks before the party so that you are sure you can wear heels without falling.

3. Dancing

When choosing the shoes whether for the change of shoes or for the reception (if you are not doing the change), you must think of the dance. You don’t want to have more than 3 pairs of shoes for changing, you already have a lot of things to carry. So, choose some shoes that allow you to dance and execute well your performance with your court of honor. If you are wearing heels during the reception, remember to practice the choreographies wearing them. Also, beware of your dress length. If it is too long, the heel might get stuck on it. Take care.

There are heels specific for dancing. You might consider one of those for your quinceañera outfit. They are beautiful, but very good looking and you have less chances of falling or hurting your feet.

4. End of the party

Quinceañera comfortable shoes After hours of dancing, standing up and walking through your venue, all you will want is to have some flats. Even the guests will want flat shoes in the end. It is a typical after-the-party scene: many girls with their heels on her hands and flat shoes on her feet. Some decorators even find suppliers of flip flops as a gift for the guests. As the celebrated, you will be even more tired. If during your reception you are wearing heels, have some comfortable shoes in your emergency kit in order to have a good ending to your party. You and the girls in your court can find comfortable shoes in our app.

Though it is traditional to wear heels at least in certain moments of your quinceañera, the most important criterium for you to choose is how you feel comfortable. It is your fiesta. Make it a lifetime for you, no matter which shoes you wear.