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Sharing Your Quinceañera: Pros And Cons

Sharing Your Quinceañera: Pros And Cons

The quinceañera is a special moment for most latin girls. It is about celebrating the passage to adulthood, and it is a day when the girl is a star. But have you considered sharing your quinceañera? Learn more about the pros and cons of doing it.

Sharing your party: cons
There are a few challenges that will show up when you are sharing your quinceañera. They might vary from person to person, and they might also be different according to the level of relationship between the two girls. Check some of the most common cons when sharing your quince party:

1. You are not the only “star”.
Because you are not the only celebrated, the spotlight will not be only on you. For some who are shy, this is a pro, but for most of the quinceañeras this is a con. It is easier to share the lights when the other girl is a friend, so consider the importance of the person when deciding to share your quinceañera.

2. Deciding the party details is harder.
If you want your party to look harmonic, everything you choose (not only the foods, but the colors and decoration) will have to be discussed with someone else. This might make planning longer and harder to decide. Will the color of your dresses be the same or complementary? How to deal with choosing the dress and decoration color when one hates the color the other girl loves? Those are some questions that might be a challenge while planning a shared quinceañera.

3. You’ll have to give up a few things.
Sharing your quinceañera means you both will need to be open-minded, willing to give up a few things to have an agreement on the party details. Sometimes it will not be your favorite color or your desired detail on everything, but it is important to keep in mind that your day can still be perfect if you don’t let those things worry you too much. This is a possibility for learning too.

Sharing your party: pros
Though sharing your quince might be challenging, there are pros on doing it. Find out some reasons for sharing your party:

1. Saving a lot of money.
This is for sure the biggest pro and the reason most girls decide to share the party in the first place. Doing it with someone else means to save 50% in some of the most expensive items of the party, like renting a place or hiring a catering service.

2. You learn a lot.
This is a celebration of your passage to adulthood and sharing your party can be a huge step to your growth. The party planning itself is challenging but having to discuss things and not decide with someone else is even more demanding. You’ll end your party not only with a celebration, but with many lessons learned.

3. Create lifetime memories you can later laugh about.
Of course, there will be tough moments and situation. But after overcoming them, you’ll get a totally different perspective and in a few years you two will be laughing about it.

Share Quinceañera 4. Celebrate together.
This is a special moment for both of you. Sharing it will give you a lifetime bond.

5. More support for planning.
Planning such a big party like the quinceañera means a lot of work. Sharing your party can be a good idea because you’ll have double as many people willing to help.

Deciding whether to share your party or not will depend a lot on what is most important for you. If your choice is to share, try to learn the most of it and to focus on having fun.