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How To Save Money In Your Quinceañera – Life Hacks Part 1

How To Save Money In Your Quinceañera – Life Hacks Part 1

If you’ve already started your quinceañera planning, you probably noticed that it involves a lot of money. Every detail to make your party perfect seems to cost more than you planned to spend. So how to save money and have the perfect quinceañera within your budget? Check those hacks out:

1. Start planning in advance
The sooner you start planning your party, the more ideas you’ll have to save money. Also, you have less options when last minute shopping. If you start to plan it soon, you’ll have more time for researching prices, ideas and for negotiating with the suppliers. This is a key life hack for saving money.

2. Make a list of everything you need
When planning your party, think of everything you’ll need. You can make different lists for each moment/section of your party. For example, you can make lists of what you need for the mass, for the decoration and clothing, for renting, and for catering. This will allow you to see the big picture of what you’ll need and in the end you can filter what is really important for you to have.

3. Research online
The Internet is the place with the most competition for stores. Not only you’ll have access to more products when buying online, as you also will find different prices ranges. Take a look online before buying or contracting any service. When looking for products online, you’ll need more time for shipping the products. Also consider the shipping prices when choosing whether to buy online or in local stores. Do not forget to check out the shopping section of the app – we have a lot of good products for you!

4. Have a budget
After making lists of what you need and researching the prices, make a realistic budget. No matter if it is a more complex Excel sheet, smiple notebook or budget section in the app, have all your expenses listed and how much your parents are willing to pay for them. This will give you limits for each purchase and avoid impulse buying.

5. Do it yourself
Some things can be made by yourself or some friend who is willing to help. For example, if you are planning a choreography, it will be much more expensive to pay a professional to train you and your court than having a friend who likes dancing doing it or even taking one on the Internet. Talk to your friends if they’re willing to help and look for choreographies online. There are even tutorial videos that make it almost as easy as if you had a tutor.

Quinceañera savings life hacks Decoration details can also be made by you and your friends. Plan to spend an afternoon doing the gifts or cutting papers and fabric that will be used in your reception. You can also make your centerpieces yourself, saving up to 30% of what buying it would cost. There are several tutorials of beautiful centerpieces online.

You can also make your own invitations. Order in bulk or print at home. You can also send online invitations - create a free invitation profile in Quinceañera invitation app.

6. Have a DJ instead of a group
Having a band playing on your quinceañera might be very expensive. You can always check among your friends if there is a DJ or a band willing to do it cheaper for you. When there is not, having a DJ can be up to 50% cheaper than having a band. And you can always choose your own music set and have your family or friends controlling when it is played.

7. Make your own food instead of a catering service
Hiring a catering service can be very expensive. If you want to save money, try to do it yourself. Have your family and a few friends helping you, define a menu that you can do in a shorter time and checkout for places where you can buy things you need cheaper. Instead of a dinner, you can have appetizers. This will be easier and cheaper to do. Also, it can be a buffet instead of a sit-down meal.

Following those tips will help you having a perfect quinceañera without spending so much money. Always remember this is about celebrating your time, not about being the fanciest.