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Quinceañera Reception events - Part II

Quinceañera Reception events - Part II

Following a well-structured timeline is a key step to have a good execution of your quinceañera. It helps your DJ or responsible person to announce the events and to help you guide the vendors. You have learned about the first important events to have in your timeline. Now, what to do after the changing of shoes? Learn more about the next events here.

Dancing the quinceañera Waltz

Some girls do it before the toast. It is a special moment before the dinner when the girl starts dancing with her father. They usually spend a lot of time together practicing this and it is a chance for father-daughter moments. The first Waltz with the father is usually followed by the court joining the quinceañera to dance. Every part of the dance is adaptable, and it should be done in a way that everyone feels comfortable.

Dinner time

This is waited for both guests and celebrated. After so much time, you are probably starving. Though the catering service (if you have one) will be scheduled for a certain time, it is important that your DJ or responsible person knows at what point of your timeline the dinner is so that he will conduct your guests, announce it and dismiss the tables, if it is a buffet dinner.

Dancing time

This is time to have fun! Let your DJ know what songs you like and dislike, encourage your court to help you start the dance and invite other guests to dance as well. You can plan some nice choreographies together, or maybe encourage the guests to dance with you too.

Surprise dance with the court

This is not mandatory, but it is a lot of fun. Many quinceañeras prepare a surprise dance with their court. It is supposed to be fun, unexpected and to have something unique. When the court and the quinceañera choose matching outfits, they usually leave the surprise dance in the end of the party. This way, everyone will spend the party with the outfit they've chosen and in the end they can get changed for the special outfit.

Cutting the cake

For most celebrated girls, the cake is as important as the dress. Therefore, cutting the cake is an important moment. It is cut close to the end of the party (usually an hour before). Your padrinos and parents will be with you cutting the first piece of cake. If you want to, you can say some words for the people getting the first pieces. Make sure you have people to help you serve it to everyone – the vendors are usually ready for this.

Quinceañera reception

Thanking the guests

When the party has come to an end, your parents will probably say some words. First to the quinceañera and then to the guests, thanking them for sharing this moment. You can also say some words thanking not only the guests, but also your parents, padrinos, court and friends who helped you in this moment. Remember them how meaningful it was! A good way of finishing this moment is inviting your guests for a last dance.

Last song

This is also an optional part, but it is a great idea to close your special day with a last song. After inviting your guests for this dance, your DJ will announce the last song. Choose a song that has been remarkable in some way for you, be it in your life, your year or even simply in your quinceañera. People will probably remember your party for this song.

A clear timeline like this will help you control the vendors, the events, and the time you have for each moment in your party. Prepare a clear timeline, have all events you will have on it and an estimated time and duration for each one. Have in mind some events that you can combine, like cutting the cake and thanking the guests, so that if you run out of time you can still do everything you have planned. Though those events are symbolic, remember this is your party, your moment. Do what is fun for you and have a great time with your beloved ones!