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Quinceañera Mood Board – How To Use It To Make Your Perfect Quinceañera

Quinceañera Mood Board – How To Use It To Make Your Perfect Quinceañera

When planning your quinceanẽra, you probably imagine a scenery, a feeling, and an essence that you want to feel during the reception. Making this magic come true is sometimes challenging, though. One of the tools to help you transmitting the energy you want during your party is the use of a mood board during your planning. Learn more about how to do it here.

What is a Mood Board?
It is a collection of images, often used by fiancées, which show the essence of what you want for your reception. It can also be used by quinceañeras to share their vision with their family and friends who are helping in the planning. It is about selected images that have the same energy you want to transmit in your party. This board can be created in our app, so that you share it with those helping you planning your party for them to know what message you want to bring up. You can even keep this board saved so that you look at it when you are older to see how much you’ve changed since your quinceañera.

Why making a Mood Board can boost your planning?
When you think about your quinceañera, you probably have a lot in your mind. You know how you want to feel and how you want other people to feel too. But putting that into only words during the planning can be a challenge. Using photos is a great way of sharing the sensations you want to have in your party, besides helping you organize your thoughts and being a checkpoint whenever you want to get inspiration for your planning.

Sharing this board allows you to make everyone involved in the planning aware of what you want. They will see the images and have a deeper understanding on your thoughts for the party. They will have the same vision as you and will know better how to help you making the quinceañera of your dreams.

Quinceanera Mood board
How to choose the photos:
When choosing the photos, you can look for good memories that make you feel cozy, happy, and joyful. For example, if you had a nice trip with your family or even an interchange alone you can use photos of it on your mood board. You can also look at your preferences, like your hobbies, your dreams, and take images that externalize what you feel when you think of this. You can easily make your mood board following 3 steps:

STEP 1 – Ask yourself what you can share about you during the party
Some of the questions you can ask yourself to choose the photos for your mood board are:

  • What are the memories that warm your heart? Is there a trip, a place you go with your family and friends or a special moment that have sensations you would like to reproduce in your party?
  • What are your hobbies? What do you like doing and that make you feel you are growing up?
  • What is your favorite season? Do you prefer rainy days or sunny ones?
  • Do you prefer warm or cool colors?

STEP 2 – List of words
After asking yourself those questions, you can make a list of words to describe your personal growth and your personality, for example: independent, fun, adventurous, intelligent, strong. You can also list what you don’t want to be, like selfish, unsuccessful, or dependent.

This is a deep look on who you are, how much you’ve grown up and who you want to be. After asking yourself those questions and making those lists of words, you have relevant filters to choose the photos you want in your board. You can choose them from your personal photos, inspiration section in the app or look for them on the Internet.

STEP 3 – Choosing the photos
Using the results of the two previous steps, you’ll be ready to start your search for the photos. Ask your family and friends for photos of the good moments you had together and gather some photos you have. Search for the keywords you found before. You can save all of the photos you like and then filter the ones you love the most. The mood board can be created directly in our app, and you can share it with those who are helping you planning your party.

Another possibility is to make a color scheme out of the mood board photos. Colors tell us a lot about moods and feelings, and it can help you in many steps of the party planning, like choosing the decoration and even the food!

To make it short, a mood board helps you defining the party style and sharing with people helping to support the best choices possible. It makes clearer what your desires are and how you want to feel during your special day.