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Quinceañera Invitations: Traditional or Digital?

Quinceañera Invitations: Traditional or Digital?

Invitations for your quinceanera are a must. With them, you can specify the details of your party and guide your guests for the venue. Most people think only of traditional paper invitations. But have you considered using technology to share your invitations and make it more practical? Check out some tips for making your invitations the most useful possible.

1. Traditional Invitations

Traditional invitations are paper cards where you display the most important info about your fiesta. You can personalize it, put your photo and the details about your party. Many girls prefer to have a paper invitation because of the esthetics. It is nice to have a physical souvenir of your party and to share it with your guests but sending them might require a lot.

Some people will have them sent per post mail, other ones you’ll have to deliver in their hands… And you’ll also have to coordinate the list to make sure everyone has received the invitations. It is good to have a physical souvenir, but there are more practical ways of invitation, as we share below.

2. Sending your invitation in a mobile app

Technology can help you in every step of your party preparation. Sending your invitations through a mobile app is a great way of saving money and making sure your guests won’t lose their invitations. In the app, the user can create a profile with all the relevant info about the event:

  • When it will be
  • Where is the party
  • How to come
  • What gifts to give
  • What the dress code is
  • The party timing, etc.

It's cheaper and easier to share with guests. There are more facilities and more information you can attach to your invitation when it is online. Make sure to insert the correct data. Another benefit of sharing your invitations in your mobile app is that you won’t depend on the post mail to deliver them. You will be sure everyone, even who lives in another city, will have the invitations and all the information they need to be in your party.

Quinceañera invitation app

3. Combining traditional invitations with digital invitations

Sending invitations in the app has a lot of advantages. People won’t lose it, more information can be shared, and you make sure everyone gets it. Using technology is a great idea to improve your planning experience during the party. But some girls like to keep it traditional. Sending paper invitations is a way of personalizing it with different materials, and it also becomes a souvenir of your big day.

That’s why combining the invitations from the mobile app with traditional invitations is a good idea. You can send paper invitations for some guests and virtual ones in the app for other guests. But how to choose the ones who get it in paper and the ones who get it in the app?

You can send the paper ones for those who live near or for whom you can deliver in their hands yourself. For people who are more difficult to reach, like people who live far from you and in other cities, you can send the invitations in the app.

4. How to decide whether to combine or only to send invitations in the app

Talk to your parents about their budget for invitations. Sometimes, it is very expensive to print and to send the invitations, especially if there are guests who live too far. If you want to make your invitations more useful and your party has a more modern theme, you can use only the app. But if you are more traditional, you can combine paper invitations with the ones in the mobile app. Another alternative is to send it in the app for everyone but having luxury invitations for your padrinos and closer friends.

Find invitations in the shopping section of the app
In the shopping section of the app, you’ll find the option of the mobile app for getting your invitations. Make sure to build a nice profile and you’ll see how useful it is to use technology to boost your planning experience.

Use technology to have a greater experience in your quinceanera planning. Find the mobile app for sending your invitations in the shopping section of our app.