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Food Trucks in your Quinceañera

Food Trucks in your Quinceañera

Food trucks have become popular in many different events. During quinceañeras, it could not be different. Many girls choose to have food trucks in their quinceañeras whether to substitute or to be an add-on to the catering service. They give you more possibilities to change your dishes according to your guests’ taste. Learn more about food trucks options for your fiesta here.

Choosing a food truck

Food trucks are not only an option for food service, but also a way of entertainment for your guests. It makes the environment more informal and fun. The food truck menu can be related to your party theme, and some companies are very flexible about it. One advantage of having a food truck is that they have their own kitchen, which means the food is fresh. Find specialized food trucks in our vendors section in the app. Experienced vendors are more likely to be flexible to change the menu according to your needs and they will also have some ready options if you are not so sure about the menu.

Pay attention to the number of guests the food trucks you choose can serve. Some food trucks can serve a lot of people, other ones are more limited. Have in mind that if the food truck is an add-on, you will not need so much food. But if it is substituting the catering service, you will need to have enough food for everyone - maybe even plan to have a bit extra, just in case. Something nice about the food truck is the sensation the guest has of choosing their own dish and specifying the details. That’s very good for people who are allergic to some ingredients or who have a special diet.

Quinceañera food truck

Contract and details

When signing a contract with the food truck service, it is important to have clear how many guests will attend to your party, what time the food trucks vendors are supposed to begin and to finish serving, and the exact menu that should be available to everyone. Be sure to have in your contract whether the utensils (like plates, glasses, and napkins, for example) and the cleaning are on you or on them. If your food truck is an add-on, it can serve the desserts or some special or traditional food. If you are having a traditional quinceañera, it can also serve some regional food.

The food truck needs special permits, make sure they are according to the city regulation. When hiring a food truck, you also need to know where it will stay in your venue. It should not be in the focal point of the venue, nor somewhere the guests can’t see it. Not only should the food truck fit the decoration, but the chosen venue also needs accessibility for such a car - and it must be somewhere accessible to your guests.

Food trucks can make your party more casual, fun and add a special flavor to it. Find experienced local vendors in our app and make your fiesta just perfect.