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Quinceañera Planning with Padrinos

Quinceañera Planning with Padrinos

One important part of your quinceanera is choosing your padrinos. They are people who you love, and you want their blessing when you’re renewing your vows before God. They are godparents who will help you not only during your fiesta, but also through your journey of growing and developing. Padrinos play an important role in your planning, and you are responsible for helping them participate in tasks. Learn here how to make them part of your planning in your quince.

It all starts with a good conversation

It all starts with you inviting your desired couples or people to be your padrinos and madrinas. It is very similar to wedding invitations for being godparents: you take them a gift or a special card and invite them to be your padrinos. You should show how important they are for you and how meaningful it is to have them as your godparents in your fiesta.

Then the difficult part comes: you should talk to them about how they are going to help. Padrinos often play a significant role in the financial part. You should ask them about how they are willing to help. It is a delicate but necessary moment when you ask them if they are available to help for a few hours during the week and if they can help financially. But you should be specific and let everything clear about how they are able to help and what you expect from them.

Have them help you in the planning

After they’ve accepted your invitation to be your padrinos and you’ve agreed on how they are going to help, the work should get started. Add them to the app so that you can share all the tasks, things to be bought, vendors to be contacted and all things to be done. The more organized your to do list is, the easier it will be to have them involved.

Quinceañera planning app

Adding your padrinos to the app will allow them to know exactly what is needed. It will also help both of you know what is already bought and what is needed. You’ll be able to share vendors’ contact, items needed and payments to be done. It is very important to delegate some tasks not only to your padrinos, but also to friends and family willing to help. This way, you’ll have everything done with less effort. Sharing all tasks in a single place so that everyone will work together in the same rhythm is a great way of avoiding mistakes and boosting your party preparation. Try to make this time of planning a good moment together. You can share your ideas, desires, and also listen from them and adapt to what is best for your quinceanera.

Make your quinceanera planning a shared moment with your padrinos. Be open to listen and find a manageable way of sharing your ideas and thoughts. Use our app to do it in a fast, easy way and to organize better your padrinos’ tasks.You can invite people to your planning profile from the Home screen – Invite.