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Padrinos & Madrinas: Who They Are And How to Choose Them

Padrinos & Madrinas: Who They Are And How to Choose Them

Padrinos and Madrinas, freely translated as godparents, are people who will accompany you through your life. Be it as a counselor or as a sponsor, they will play an important role for you and your family. In your quinceañera, they also play an important role. So, how to choose those important people?

You should think in the long-term relationship. They are people who can help you in your quinceañera, and you will soon learn that throwing such a big party is not so easy. These people are your fairy godparents, so it is very important to make sure they accomplish two “requirements”:

1. They are someone you love: some parents think a lot in the financial condition of the padrinos or madrinas. Though they can help you financially, specially during the party, this is not the important point. They should be someone for you to have in your life and to help you as you grow, so choose someone you actually like, no matter if they are relatives, friends or neighbors who you like to be with.

2. They have time: they will play an important role during your quinceañera, so it is very important that they have time to help you planning it and that they will actually be in the party.

Many girls choose for the quinceañera the same padrinos from baptism. They are the ones who will be present in all the girls’ important events, even their wedding.

1. Invitation
As well as for marriage, for quinceañera a girl can also make a special invitation for her padrinos and madrinas. It can be a gift, a video or anything special to show how important it is to have this person in your life.

Also, when sending the invitation for the party, you can send a special invitation card. It is not a must, but it is a good possibility of one more time showing your respect and how meaningful they are for you.

2. Padrinos de Honor
These are the padrinos specifically for your party. They will accompany you during the whole quinceañera, have a bigger role for the event and greater participation in this specific moment of your life. They are those people willing to help you in your celebration of the passage to adulthood!

3. Padrinos
Quinceanera Padrinos They are people who help you through all your life, like your baptism padrinos or relatives and friends who are always present in your best and worst moments. They might help even without any special invitation, and you should thank them somehow during the party (a dance together or some small sentences of gratitude should be enough).

4. Duties
You invite your padrinos and madrinas, but it is not for you to choose how they will help. They will know better whether they want to help in the planning of the party or if they are willing to help you financially.

No matter how they choose to help, you can manage their contribution through this app. It will allow you to keep track of their tasks and payment. It will be much easier for you to communicate when you invite them to join it.