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How To Measure For Quinceañera Dress

How To Measure For Quinceañera Dress

Measuring is very important for choosing and adjusting your ball gown. Especially if you are buying online, you should be careful with the measures, fabric and cut for having a good outfit. Find out how to measure before buying your perfect ball gown.

1. Don’t count on your clothes size only

Of course your regular clothes’ size are helpful, but when looking for the best dress in your quinceañera, a simple step as measuring can save you time, money and avoid a lot of stress with a dress too different from your size.

You’ll need a measuring tape. Also, it is a good idea to have a friend help you. Wear tight clothing so that the measures are more accurate. Also, wear the same undergarments you’ll be wearing in your quinceañera.

2. How to measure

Ask your friend to help you by placing the tape in the right place and making sure it is straight. Follow these tips:

Quinceañera dress measurement guide

Place your arms loosely by your side when measuring your bust. Make sure to place the tape in the right place (it will not be the same as your bra size). You’ll measure the fullest part of your bust, underneath your armpits around your chest. Consider the cleavage when measuring in order to make sure everything is in the right place.

The waistline is usually measured one inch above your bellybutton. It is the smallest part of your waist. Allow the tape to be a little loose to create a breathing room. Don’t try to make it too tight, the event is long and you’ll need room space to feel good and enjoy your big day.

For measuring the hips, you’ll take the largest part. Make sure to keep the tape straight in order to have the right measure. Because the ball gown can have so many skirt options, the hips measure gives you more opportunities to use the right shape to make your look even more fabulous.

3. Choosing the dress

After measuring, you should take note of the numbers and check for dresses that fit your size. You can find incredible dresses in the shopping section of our app. If you don’t find the exact measure, pick the next size (bigger one). It is easier to adjust when it is bigger and it looks better. Keep those measures you’ve taken to adjust your dress when it is delivered. You can also look for a seamstress who will give you more ideas on how to adjust it.

Pay attention! You might find different measure charts for each vendor in the app (or wherever you are buying). Make sure to choose the right size in the chart according to the measures you took. Take into consideration the fabric and the cut of the dress too. They might change your size options a bit.

Measuring is a must for choosing the perfect dress for your quinceañera. Use our hints for doing it correctly. Don’t forget to check our shopping section out for incredible ball gowns in the app.