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How to Have the Best Day of Your Quince, Ever!

How to Have the Best Day of Your Quince, Ever!

The day of your Quince is special and might become the most memorable of your life! We often feel anxious around big birthday parties but there is no need to. When such a day does not go as planned, it often turns out much better than expected.

Are you are finding it uneasy to sleep the entire week or night before the day of your Quince? Does it seem unreal that it is finally coming? Here are some tips on how to feel less nervous and be the best version of yourself.

It is your special day!
Everything is going to be all right. This is your day, own it. When emotions overwhelm you, you could cry even for the smallest thing. Do not stress out, it is supposed to be your special day.

Act as you would on a normal day, the magic will happen on its own! Nothing is serious enough to be worth your tears and nothing can ruin your party.

If you see something small that is not the way you want it to be, people usually will not notice it. Nobody is paying as close attention to you as you might think. They just see you as beautiful and happy. And that is it.

If you like surprises, surprise your guests. If you are one of those girls that like surprises, it might be a good idea to keep your special Quince appearance a secret. If you do not show your dress, make-up, and hair to anyone, the effect of your big reveal in front of your guests will be amazing. When you see your family and friends’ faces you will realize how beautiful you look.

If you feel very nervous it is okay to show your family your appearance before the big day. It will relieve some of the pressure when you know how others feel about your stylish look.

Guests missing? Uninvited guests? Sometimes your friends might have emergencies, feel unwell, or do not have a ride to reach your party. It is completely fine if somebody misses your party. And there is no reason to feel bad about it. There is a big chance you have done it before too.

On the other hand, sometimes people join the party uninvited. If you find more guests than you invited, this is a good sign that more people than you know care for you. No need to turn them away.

How to look amazing
Quinceanera DayIt is a good idea to do a few trial make-ups and hairstyles. To make sure you look beautiful, often in special events like birthday parties, proms, and Quince it is a great idea to try out different make-ups before the very special day comes. Test out products and eye-makeup. Be sure that your skin is not allergic or gets irritated by the new products.

Do the make-up first. And let it be yours. Putting on beautiful make-up takes a long time and it is a great idea to put it on first. This way you will have enough time for all the other preparations to be made. Make-up is the only thing that can go wrong, so doing it first in your day is a must.

It is a good idea to do the make-up you like, not one of your friends or relatives like. This is your special day, and before anything, you should feel like yourself.

It is better to have fewer outfits. It is better to change fewer outfits during the party, as you would be surprised how much time it takes to get out of a dress and get into another one. You do not want to miss your party changing dresses.

Put your crown last! Most girls cannot wait to put the crown on their heads and might forget their make-up, jewelry, and parts of their outfits. Before becoming the princess, you always wanted to be by putting on the crown, it is a good idea to check if you have put absolutely everything on – then it is time for your crown!

Make the perfect party
Food and snacks. Better safe than sorry. If you and your family are planning to bring in food and snacks before you hop into the limo, better order it a week before the birthday. Deliveries sometimes take more time than anticipated. Another idea is to prepare things yourselves, there is no better way to be certain that everything will be ready on time.

Hire a good photographer. You get to live your fifteenth birthday only once in your life. Do not be cheap on photographers as you deserve the best-looking photos, in which you are going to look like a princess! Sometimes the difference between a good photographer and someone inexperienced is just a tiny bit of money. Ask for references, look at their previous shots, and decide for yourself.

Quinceanera Day Feel comfortable in your dress and dance. It is always a good idea to spend time in your dress before the actual day of your Quince. Get a good feel on how to walk naturally like a princess in it. If you are having a dance on your special day, make sure you practice a bit in your beautiful dress beforehand.

Enjoy your very special dance. If you feel like you have made a misstep during your father-daughter dance, there is no need to make a big deal out of it. People would almost never notice it unless you point it out later. Do not forget to smile, it will often make your dancing moves more natural when you smile.

Thank everyone. Take the time to show everyone involved that you appreciate them making your special day a reality – your family, your friends, and the staff you hired. Let them have a fun time too!

To sum all these marvelous bits of advice:
It is your special day. Control your emotions there is nothing worth crying for, no matter how it looks like, in most cases, you would be the only one to notice. Test makeup and appearance a few days before the actual celebration.

On the special day, put your make-up first thing in the morning as it might take a lot of time. Prepare everything needed for the celebration weeks in advance. And hire a good photographer! If someone fails to attend your party – it is alright, people have their reasons.

During your special dance, do not forget to smile and most importantly - have fun!