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How To Choose The Perfect Music For Your Quinceañera

How To Choose The Perfect Music For Your Quinceañera

When throwing your quinceañera party, music is one important part of it. It plays a big role on what you want to make your guests feel. You can whether decide a theme, a decade or simply the music you love the most. But one important part about the music is choosing who is going to play it. Many girls decide to make their own playlist, but there are other choices like a DJ or a band. Check out how to choose the best option.

Doing the playlist yourself
If you want to save money, you can make the playlist yourself. This is the cheapest – but also hardest – way to have your music set. Prepare it in advance, rehearse with who is going to take care of it so that the music is played in the right moment. There should always be someone around to solve possible issues. You also need to find the right equipment to do that, especially if the party venue is big and you’ll need the sound to be louder. The sooner you prepare it, the better. You might find it interesting to have a microphone to announce certain moments of the party and to help you calling other vendors. Delegate those tasks to your family and friends so that you don’t have to keep track of everything in the party. It is a very special day and you won’t have time to do it alone.

Hiring a music band
Choosing a music band is a way of having a unique sound in your party. You can find local bands in the vendors section of the app so that you have people singing and cheering your party up. One advantage of having a band instead of a playlist or a DJ is that they are usually closer to the guests, more talkative and involved in the party, which makes the guests more comfortable and willing to dance. You can try some band in your school or some local band that you like too, but be sure to know how many hours they will work so that you can organize more songs and someone to make the announcements while they are not playing. You should talk to several bands before choosing one so that you make sure it has the features you want.

Hiring a DJ

Quinceañera Dj Another option is to hire a DJ to your party. This is usually cheaper than a band and more professional than a playlist. You can also find local DJs right in the app. This is an easy way of finding DJs that are specialized in quinceañera parties. They will not only play the best songs, but also have better equipment and make every announcement in the party. It is a good idea to help coordinate your other vendors, like announcing when the cake is going to be cut or when the court dance is over and other people can dance too. This is a good way of having better control of the events without so much work to do. Some tips when hiring a DJ:

  • Hire someone experience in quinceañeras. They will know better what to do and how to solve situations that might show up.
  • Schedule your evening. Find a few minutes about two weeks before your quinceañera to talk to your DJ about your timeline. Before the big day, you need to give the DJ the coordinates for everything you want. He needs to know the party schedule, your court names if you are going to announce it, and all possible details to conduce the party well.
  • Be sure to personalize your event. Know what you want to direct the DJ for a personalized service. Make clear what your interests, preferences and beliefs are. If you want a traditional party, it might be interesting to find a Latin DJ.
  • Talk to many DJs, be sure the one you choose understands what you need and have the features you want.

Choosing whether to make the playlist yourself or to hire a band or a DJ will depend a lot on your preferences to the party. Hiring a band gives your party a more intimate air, while having a DJ will be a bit cheaper. A DJ will also be helpful with other vendors because he/she knows your timeline and the announcements will conduct the party. You can find both local bands and DJs in our vendors section in the app. Making the playlist yourself is the cheapest way, but it also requires a lot of organization, help from friends and adequate equipment. It is challenging, but possible. If you have a vendor, though, carefully review your contract details before signing it. Ponder what best suits your needs and have fun with your perfect music set!