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How To Choose A Decorator For Your Quinceañera

How To Choose A Decorator For Your Quinceañera

Every girl doing her quinceanẽra wants its decoration to be magical. Her favorite color, a lot of details and lights… Everything possible to make this day memorable. But when you put all of this together, sometimes it looks chaotic. Not everyone has the talent for decorating – or even the time. In this case, you should hire a professional decorator. How to choose a good one for your quinceañera? Check out our tips.

1. Why to have a decorator

Many quinceañeras choose to do the decoration themselves. This is not a problem and the party can still look good. But having a professional decorator can help you having everything in harmony. They not only have a lot of experience in parties, as well as many contacts to help you making the best choices. They will listen to your desires and make it real – sometimes even better. Also, they know the new trends and will make your party look the best possible, everything within your budget.

2. Do a lot of research

Hiring a decorator is a way of having less work to do. Do a lot of research about local vendors who are experienced and well rated. You can find local vendors on our app, so that you save a lot of time. Try to call those decorators, ask them for a portfolio so that you have an idea of how their work is. There are professionals who do it online, but this is a hard choice because, though they are usually cheaper, they will not visit your venue or have local contact with other vendors. They will work more as an advisor rather than as a manager of the party.

Ask friends who had any party with a professional decorator how it was and how much it costs. Usually, they also have online profiles and social media. Take a look on those so that you know exactly what they are doing.

3. Share what you want

The decorator will have a lot of ideas, but it is your quinceañera. Your preferences are very important, so don’t expect this person to do everything alone. Share your ideas and your desires for the party. You can share the moodboard so that the feelings you want to have in this day are clear. Also show what you do not want. Share what you already have in terms of contracts, venue, etc. When hiring a decorator, sharing what you want will be the basics for their job.

4. Check out what is included

Some vendors include everything on their service. All the decoration, lights, flowers, and image aspects might be included on their services. Be sure of what you are paying for and compare to the price of buying it yourself. You should know if this service is more advisory or if it actually includes the decoration. When you are discussing how the decoration will be, ask for each item whether you’ll be paying or if it is included in the service. Be very open to ask about this to the vendors before signing a contract. The less you have to do yourself, the better. That’s why you hired a decorator in the first place.

Quinceañera decor

5. Take their communication in consideration

A decorator should be someone really good in communication. Their service must be linked to the catering, the band or DJ, so having a good communication is a must. Be sure they know how to integrate the other services and vendors into your party, so that everything looks harmonious.

6. Review your contract

As in any service, you should have a written contract and review its details before signing. Make sure everything said is written, specially the details in the decoration. One hint: ask the decorator to put the amount of each item in the contract. For example, if there are many flowers in the planned decoration, ask your decorator to put how many bouquets and how many flowers in each bouquet there will be. This is not a difficult job because the decorator already needs that for buying, and it assures you that was promised must be delivered.

7. Have the decorator in your party

Even when you hire a bigger vendor, there is usually one single person taking care of your event. Make sure this person will be available in your quinceañera day. The decorator is the person with the contact of the suppliers and being in the party is a way of solving faster possible problems that might show up.

Having a decorator can save you a lot of time and work. Specially if you did not start your planning so early, it is a good idea to make your party be perfect. Following those tips, you will have a good decorator who will make your dream party true.