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Hollywood theme

Hollywood theme

Classy, fancy, famous. Looking like this in your quinceanera is possible. Some girls dream of being like a TV star in their quinceanera. If that’s your case, having a Hollywood themed party is a great idea. It gives you many options of dresses, decoration and details like the invitation and the food.

1. Dress

The dress is the soul of your party. It will give you the feeling and inspiration you need at your party. There are different ways of choosing a dress to your Hollywood themed party. One of the options is to inspire yourself in the red carpet dresses. They are beautiful, glamorous dresses and you can inspire yourself by the actress you love. Another way of choosing your dress is inspiring yourself by a movie character. Many girls inspire themselves by personalities like Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn. You can also get inspired by a decade or type of movie, like the 1920’s movies, for example. A lot of different fancy dresses are possible to a party inspired by Hollywood.

Quinceañera Hollywood Oscars theme Make-up plays an important role in your look. It can be dramatic like the musical movies, or minimalist like Audrey Hepburn’s outfits. A white dress with a red lipstick and heavy eyeliner is a great way of getting a Marilyn Monroe look. The options are almost infinite.

Jewelry and accessories are also very important. A fancy pair of shoes will complete your perfect Hollywood outfit.

2. Damas and Chambelanes

Your court of honor will help you get the perfect scene. They should be inspired by the same theme of your own dress: a decade or style, a character or a movie. They will be important actors in your party too! Find them fancy looking clothes. White or cream suits for your chambelanes, for example, are a great choice for your chambelanes. Your damas can be all in fancy black dresses to shine with you in your important day.

3. Décor

Quinceañera Hollywood theme decor This is the nicest part for your guests. You can have a nice decoration with movie reels, movie scene landscapes, yellow stars in the decoration (star shaped cookies, for example), popcorn as cake toppers, etc. Your party decoration will be glamorous and fun! The entrance of your venue, for example, can be transformed in a movie theater entrance or in a red carpet scene to get your guests in the mood.

4. Other Ideas

There are plenty of ideas you can add to your party. If you need entertainment for your guests, for example, you can have a small movie being played in a small scene. You can also have popcorn and other movie theater treats being served in your party. There is another great idea: you can rehearse a movie choreography, like Dirty Dancing movie choreography, for example. The options are infinite when you choose your inspiration!

Action! Feel like a movie star in your party. Get inspired by Hollywood to make an unforgettable fiesta. Find incredible dresses and outfits in the shopping section of our app to have an incredible Hollywood themed party.