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Choosing Favors for Guests

Choosing Favors for Guests

The fiesta de quince años is similar to a wedding in many ways. One of them is that quinceañeras usually gift their guests with some favors for them to remind of their parties. They are a symbol of gratitude for those who shared this moment with the girl. The favors can have a special meaning, so choose well what message you want to transmit. Find here some favor options to gift your guests.

Edible options

Everyone likes to take food home. Especially in some Latin American cultures, it is even common to take some cake or other foods for those who were not able to go to the party. Choosing edible favors is very practical and gives you a universe of options. You can whether make them yourself or buy ready packages of food (mainly candies and desserts) for your guests to take home.

You can choose some candies and cupcakes and give them in a beautiful bag with a tie or a personalized sticker closing it. Macaron boxes or chocolate bars with personalized packings are beautiful and yummy favors for your guests. You can put a tag in your favors with your name, your quinceañera date and a message thanking your guests for coming.


Many girls gift their guests with candles. They are a useful gift, and you can add your favorite essence to it. They will serve as a decoration for your guests, and they will remember your favorite smell and your party later on.

If you want to make your favors yourself, candles are very easy to do. You can decorate it and put either a tag or a card thanking your guests. You can use your party theme as inspiration for decorating your candles, and even put a photo of yours in the packing.

Quinceañera favors for guests


This is a way of making your guests remember your party for a long time. Keychains are available in so many options that it will be hard to pick one. There are mini rosaries that are very sweet and emphasize your renewing of vows before God during your quinceañera. There are also personalized keychains, with messages, mini bibles, or heels figures. You can personalize it engraving a message, your name, and the date of your fiesta.

Many girls choose the keychain to be part of a box or a kit of favors. This is a great way of making your party last longer in people’s minds. If you choose just one model, think if you want it to be a gift for both men and women.

Quinceañera favors for guests

Personalized hand mirrors

If your party has a princess theme, there are small mirrors that can be a great favor for your guests. They are useful and cute, and they can be personalized according to your party theme.

Religious Bracelets

You can give your guests religious bracelets as a favor to your party. There are many different models and colors for you to choose. They can be like mini rosaries, a Virgen de Guadalupe red thread bracelet, or a Saint Benedict rosary, for example. Choose the model that has more to do not only with your party, but also with your faith and beliefs.

Preparing kits

If you want to give your guests more than one favor, you’ll need to prepare kits. Some stores have pre-chosen favor bags and boxes that could make it easier for you. The boxes are usually personalized, and you can have both souvenirs like the keychains and edible favors like the macarons in the kits. Make sure the edible items are fresh if you are buying them.

If you are buying the favors and preparing the kits yourself, make sure to start preparing them with enough time in advance. Have your court of honor and your closest friends and family help you. If there are edible items, make sure to put them in the kit the day before or two days before the party so that they are still good to eat. Personalizing it with a message of yours is a great way of thanking your guests and making them feel special.

Still choosing your quinceañera favors? Check the incredible options in the shopping section of our app and make this day memorable in your guests’ minds.