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How to Entertain Guests

How to Entertain Guests

The quinceañera can be a long event. Though there is a lot of food and good music, it might be a good idea to think of other ways to entertain your guests. Make your party memorable by following these tips to entertain your guests!

Deciding what to do

When deciding what to do, you need to take your party details in consideration. Try to think of these aspects:

  • Your party’s duration. Some parties are extremely long, others not so much. Try to think of your party length so that you know better which entertainment options best suit your party. Sometimes more than one is possible.
  • Your guests' interests. Well, if you want to entertain your guests , you should have an idea of what they like, what their age is and what their interests are. You don’t want to put a lot of effort choosing something they won’t be willing to do or watch.
  • Consider your own interests. Especially if it is at the end of the party, you yourself can enjoy it a bit. Think of something that you will like to do when all the dancing and planned events are over.

Entertainment ideas

Here are some entertainment ideas to blow your guests' minds. You can find some of them in the vendors section of our app.

1. Performances
There are different types of performances that you can bring to your party in order to entertain your guests. Some ideas of performances are:

  • Magician. This is a classic one. A magician is a good idea to entertain your guests, give your vendors more time to organize their next steps and keep everyone interested in the party. It can be useful specially for parties with kids.
  • Led Robots. Those robots will be so useful to your party. Not only can they entertain your guests, as they can bring them to the dance floor depending on their performance. This is a performance that can add a lot visually to your party, and your guests will not forget.
  • Dancers. You can have some dancers entertaining your guests with nice songs, like hip hop or maybe belly dancing.
  • La hora loca: performances and parades. This is simply insane! When the guests think that’s it, they will have a surprise: all the lights are turned off and the siren goes off making everyone curious. Then dancers and exoctic performers show up and get your guests energy to the fullest again. This is a performance that gives you many options of different dances, costumes, and lights to entertain your guests. This is much more than simply having dancers and it is a great idea for modern families.
  • Lighting dance floor. Are you afraid no one will be in the mood for dancing? Add a lighting dance floor to your party and watch your guests get more interested in dancing. This is a nice way to make sure there will be some people willing to dance and to make people less shy about going to the dance floor.

Quinceañera party

2. Games
There are different games that you can have in your party to cheer your guests up. This is a good idea if your guests don’t like dancing. You can include yard games when it is an outdoor event or board games for indoor events. Depending on your guests profile, you can even have a specific room for playing games.

3. Karaoke
A karaoke can entertain your guests and make memorable, fun moments in your party.

4. Caricature artist or face painting
An artist making caricatures of your guests will entertain them for quite a long time. Furthermore, they will probably keep the caricature as a souvenir of your party, making them remember it in a more personal way.

Another artist that can entertain your guests is someone painting their faces. This is more focused on kids, but adults can have small paintings too. Try to find specialized artists who will choose a specific area for painting without ruining your guests' clothes. Some artists have the option of getting fake tattoos during the party, which is also an option of entertainment and fun for your guests.

5. Photo Booths and Magic Mirror
Photo booths are a classic way of entertaining guests. They are fun, everyone likes taking funny photos on them and they can keep your guests entertained for a long time. You can also have a magic mirror in your party. This will blow your guests’ minds when they can see themselves in animations, in an interactive experience.

Though a quinceañera is often a long and tiring event, it can be fun the whole time. Choosing some entertainment options will make your guests more comfortable and keep their energy up. Follow our tips for finding yourself a good option for your quinceañera and contact them directly from the app.